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My Mother Kali


She came into my life in the midnight of a bright full moon
As beautiful as a Goddess and as wondrous as her repute can be
It was a night to remember and one that would make my life her boon
To the magnificent Mother Kali!

The stairs trembled as she walked up the stairs
In the house that night we all had stayed
And I cowered in the bedroom upstairs in fear
Not realizing that my life would be remade

I felt a presence and never knew who or what it was
And a few minutes after losing consciousness
Woke up to realize the chaos that I had caused
The four of us in the house ran down the stairs
Slept in the hall on the carpet and waited for morn

I was the first to awake and quickly looked around in fear
To look directly into a beautiful face that looked back so dear
I screamed and brought the house with all in it upright
She smiled so sweetly and looked at me lovingly thrice

My life has never been the same again
As I had gazed upon the Divine face
Oh what can I say to prove that I have seen
The Greatest being
All her devotees wish to see and dare to dream
My Beloved Mother Kali!

- Meghana, 1986 -

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